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      About us

      Dear friends,

      Welcome to the world of modern design of walls!

      BeautyWalls is a European company with manufacturing in the Ukraine, specializing in the design and produce of decorative finishing materials such as 3D Plaster Panels.

      We offer a collection of decorative 3D wall panels for commercial, residential and public spaces: shopping malls, shops, hotels, offices, houses, cinemas, restaurants, airport lounge, and many more.

      We present a wide range of products with exceptional quality and original design that makes any interior so cozy, modern and luxurious. This will not only impress but also increase the price of the owner’s property.

      Today the BeautyWalls is a team of professionals that works for you. The workflow of each department is perfected to the smallest detail and is aimed at establishing trusting relationships with our regular customers.

      We have no delays in the implementation of orders and delays of sending products to customers.

      Each 3D panel is carefully checked by supervisors and packaged in a special branded packaging that provides reliable protection against impact during transportation.

      Manufacturing of decorative 3d panels, we use only high-quality silicone matrix, designed for mass production.
      Proper drying of finished 3d gypsum panels is ensured by placing them on professional racks, in which each gypsum panel is horizontally located in a separate cell.

      The company’s goal is to convince that the quality of BeautyWalls deserves your respect and that we are ready for partnership.

      Our mission: to bring the beauty of walls to interiors around the world.


      BeautyWalls factory