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      3D Wall Panels

      Your walls can do more

      3D Wall Panels

      Example of bathroom panels

      3D Wall Panels

      Wall Art

        BeautyWalls desert, Wall

        3D Wall Panels

        Your walls can do more

        BeautyWalls citadel Wall

        3D Wall Panels

        Example of bathroom panels

        BeautyWalls zephyr, Wall

        3D Wall Panels

        Wall Art

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          3D гипсовые панели

          BeautyWalls is a European manufacturer of 3D plaster wall panels. Our prices are the lowest in the EU. The highest product quality combined with exclusive patented designs guarantees competitiveness. We are looking for trading partners around the world to make the best product available to everyone.

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            • Step 1

              Mount the panels to the wall with gypsum adhesive or acrylic adhesive, starting from the bottom row, moving upwards. Wait until drying out adhesive.

            • Step 2

              Putty the joints gypsum putty. Let dry out.

            • Step 3

              Sand the irregularities with sandpaper.

            • Step 4

              Cover the surface of the panels with a primer of deep penetration. Let dry out.

            • Step 5

              Paint the panels with latex paint of needed color using a spray gun or paint roller.

            Join to the wall art of BeautyWalls!

            Dear friends,
            Welcome to the world of modern design of walls!

            3D Wall Panels of BeautyWalls are made of high-quality materials on the latest technology that guarantees safety and long service life.

            “Light gypsum” is an innovative technology BeautyWalls, which allows you to produce unique products, which are 40% lighter and stronger, meaning their transportation cheaper and operation more reliable. Panels are with additional of soundproofing and heat-insulating properties.

            Gypsum is ecologically natural material, that self-regulates the humidity in the room. Gypsum panels absorb excessive humidity, but if lacking it, they give it back. Thus, the walls “breathe in & out”, maintaining the optimal microclimate in the room, which is beneficial to health.

            Another benefits of using ukrainian panels from manufacturer:

            Perfect appearance.The variety of drawings is practically unlimited, their complexity depends only on the flight of the imagination.

            Versatility. The scope of 3D panels is quite wide. With their help, you can zone a room, decorate furniture facades. Competent designers use them as a winning background for even more vivid interior details.

            Easy installation. The panels is fixed with glue. To install the 3D-panels use our video instruction.

            Sound and heat insulation. Embossed 3D panels are not only an excellent element of decor. These plates, made of modern material, are characterized by excellent sound absorption and insulating properties.

            Ease of care. Care for the 3D-panels is not difficult - just wipe them with a dry or damp cloth, if necessary, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

            Environmental Safety. Innovative technologies allow you to create 3D-panels with a simple or complex pattern of various, including environmentally friendly materials.

            A variety of stylistic and decorative solutions is offered to the attention of customers by BeautyWalls. It is possible to buy retail and wholesale from the manufacturer. Reasonable prices, rich assortment, excellent quality - the best offer for decorating your home.

            Your walls can do more!

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